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Friday, October 30, 2009

Kitchen Spatial Aspects Based on the Three Principles of Work.

Grocery store, preparing equipment and materials needed for cooking, and cooking of food, three things are three main activities are usually carried out in the kitchen. These three activities are called "work triangle". From the "work triangle" can be made pembagaian area (zoning) in the kitchen based on its function.

Probably not many of you who know the "triangle" work in the kitchen. This work triangle actually used the interior designers as a guide in managing the kitchen space. In the arrangement of a kitchen space, the work triangle is represented by the usual equipment used in each activity. For example, in food storage activities represented by the refrigerator or pantry. Then the activities of the preparatory process represented by the sink (kitchen sink). In the last process, the activity represented by the stove cooking.

Zoning or the division of the kitchen area begins with a set in the third placement of equipment. All three devices represent each activity had been placed in such a way that will form a triangle. The results more concise, practical and simple terms the three. So the efficiency of work in the kitchen would be better.

Work triangle will help us to avoid conflicting activities. By applying this concept triangle, then any activity undertaken will run in a triangular plot. For example, when will we take to cook food from the refrigerator or pantry. After taking the food to be used we move into the kitchen sink to wash and prepare food, kitchen sink is right next to the fridge. The last thing, after all the food is ready, then we will go to the stove in the kitchen sink side to cook. If all of these activities form a triangle, then each activity would certainly not interfere with each other, because each activity had a point each regular.

Work triangle concept is usually applied in the kitchen with two model lines, kitchen with a model of "U", and kitchen with island models. Especially for the kitchen single model line, this concept can not be applied. This is because the kitchen single model line, all the equipment had been on a straight line, so of course not be able to form a triangle.


More Practical and Style With "Kitchen Running"

As the Idul Fitri holidays will arrive in a matter of days, what about we can prepare at home to greet his arrival?

As with the holiday in general, as Lebaran arrived Hospitality activities began actively conducted. Starting from the neighborhood, old friends, to relatives who come from far away are likely to come into your home. At the moment in a situation like this, it is necessary alacrity in entertaining the guests who will come at an unexpected time.

If the use of the serving tray or the tray is not enough and is not possible, to overcome this there trsebut movable kitchen that will be ready to facilitate your work. As the name implies, movable kitchen is also commonly known as the trolley serves as 'the kitchen running'. With its considerable sanagat allows you to carry more food and beverages will be served to guests. Equipped with small wheels on the bottom, can help you to bring a variety of treats in a flash without having to find difficulties. Not only that owned excess, trays walking is also equipped with storage drawers and counter top that can be used in the kitchen. Very practical is not it?

What makes us really need this movable kitchen? While welcoming the arrival of Hari Lebaran, the automated kitchen will be filled with a variety of cooking dishes like opor Lebaran chicken, curry, and so forth. Not only that the usual activities in the kitchen during Lebaran, not to mention those who like to make cakes moist and dry. Of course not going to spend moment to present it to colleagues and relatives and relatives. Will clearly imagine how full and sumpeknya atmosphere in the kitchen at the time. Therefore, the immediate advantage of this one product as a media work or extra storage drawer in your kitchen.

By the time you finish preparing the various dishes and would serve to guests, you can simply bring a movable tray into the living room or family room without having to bother preparing bertoples-jar cookies or small dishes. The result, the kitchen would be more neat and clean because it treats all the equipment was stored in it. In addition, you also look more stylish when walking into the living room with a movable tray pushing this. It's like bringing a typical star hotel service in your home.


Kitchen Color "Gray" Using the Forward Backward table.

Gray kitchen is equipped with a breakfast table and a place to put the dispenser. This table is designed to be driven back and forth. So the result was the kitchen area becomes wider and does not feel small anymore.

If you have a headache with the state of the kitchen space is quite limited, and you want to put a table in it, then you need to follow the example of small kitchen design of this one. This kitchen-sized land requires only 2.2 mx2, 8m alone. This kitchen has a linear shape and the location was right in front of the garage entrance to your home.

Laying the table "gray" is in the window. Material and color matching table with a kitchen set that you have. Table it is possible to position changed. If the kitchen is too narrow and requires a larger space, the table can be brought forward its position to close the area to eat. This is possible because the table has a light enough weight to lift. Naturally, because the material is only made from the multiplex.

Table functions as a dining table. If you want to eat with the number of people even more, then it can be done in the dining room. The dining room was located right next to the kitchen. In fact it can be said together with the kitchen. Breakfast table was then as if a barrier between the two space. Even the breakfast table 1m plays that can also serve as a barrier to the kitchen view.

What is interesting again from the kitchen "gray", the person who designed this kitchen design is a student who was sitting in 3rd grade high school, and none other than the son of the landlord. Before he found the design of this house, he liked to draw sketches of the house design. Craze was then he tried to apply at home the parents themselves. Some of the work that he had made, among others, is the furniture, he had his work was also applied at home.

You also can apply interesting ideas to make the breakfast table like that. Or even you can invite your child to participate in design? Please try.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Take advantage Make the Fifth Sense

Many ways that can be done to build their own home gardens. That is one of them by using our five senses we have. Realization is very easy to do and the result is satisfactory.

Rests on a potential land owned garden, which includes at least where the direction of the rising sun, the climate around, before the wind, and soil fertility itself, will be obtained to produce a complete garden design. By using the five senses in designing the design, it will be able to make the garden becomes more useful. It can also be made much more beautiful garden is seen, for other benefits the garden can also be used as medical therapy.

While in designing the garden, the presence of all the potential of existing designs based on the senses, can not be a good benchmark would be whether or not a garden that can be produced. Denagn the use of senses in designing a garden, more sebenrnya aims to create a beautiful garden that can suit the needs and benefits as good as we think what we want to get.

With the Sense of Sight

Associated with eyes that would be useful to see everything is beautiful, harmonious and can inspire in us feelings. Many things you can dig in more, especially when we combine various forms of composition, or color, as well as for its size.

Make a beautiful and attractive designs that can inspire our hearts when briefly seen, which can bring a sense of calm, cool feeling and felt at home on garden design with the best thinking by combining the potential and constraints in the analysis of factors and elements to form a garden in shades of beautiful.

With the Sense of Smell

The aroma is obtained from all the elements in the garden can be used to to produce a variety of smells that can provide a calming effect and other benefits. For the solution to get it all the one way is to bring plants or flowers with the scent of a particular.

In addition, while the smell of grass when exposed to rain water spray first time can also be used as therapeutic miss the rare atmosphere of the mountains we have. But you should also consider the sensitivity level of a person who can usually caused by the smell or small particles that can create allergies to more serious diseases of asthma and other respiratory disorders.

With Touch Sense

Leather is a man with all the sensors in the world and beyond. Through our skin can feel the texture of sumua objects surrounding us. By playing all the things that can be developed from the potential elements of the garden, which is like the plants that normally have leaves like velvet to the design of natural stone as acupressure, can be useful to increase the appeal of the garden will be created. Besides the skin can also be used as constraints to in order to avoid things that harm ourselves, that is as sharp thorns and cause itching and irritation of the skin.

With the Sense of Hearing

Listener's ears as our senses are very sensitive to noises often heard in the neighborhood. Such sensitivity can be used in the manufacture of garden design ideas that we will create.

Many elements of the garden that can be used to spoil the sense of hearing we have, namely for example: water gurgling sound nuances, the bird perched on a tree until the sound of leaves that intersect when the wind came. All will be able to inspire the heart with a certain feeling that juwa soothing. In this sense too, we can also be made aware of something that could harm yourself or others.

With Taste Sense

Sense of taste is represented by the tongue is to taste a variety of flavors will be very useful in the garden that uses plants fruits and vegetables. Be careful if we want to grow and in the use of poisonous plants if the garden visitor is a toddler age and our own pets. With a sense of curiosity, the form that will be interesting will be automatically inserted into the mouth without thinking can be harmful or not.

Many examples of medicinal plants can also be a good choice inisitif. You can know exactly sitidaknya that by consuming something we should know that the type of plants that we planted will tesebut it safe and not toxic.

So from now on, with the explanation of one of the ideas above, you are expected to be able to sharpen our sensitivity to the environment we live. From now berkreasilah with great ideas that you inginkan.Selamat started to create.


Present solutions sound of water in the Garden

You do not have to be disappointed if it can not make a pond because of a limited home page. You will still be able to bring the sound of water gurgling in your home garden, even by using a fountain.

No one can deny that gurgling sound of water can create a cool atmosphere in your home. So it's no wonder that now, too many people who wish to make a pond in his yard, complete with a fountain to get the sound soothing sound of water was.

Problem pool that will be created this, some people think if it would create a pool can only be done on the land area. Therefore, when those who have limited land, which nevertheless make a pond and fountain in the courtyard, plus a voice impression of the sound of water gurgling. This feeling has not always interpreted correctly. On the page that has a narrow area, we can get enough votes from the melodious sound of water in the garden.

You do not need to create a large pool kok, if you have land that is not possible. You just make it a little water in the corner fountai land. Fountai like these can be placed in neat order under trees or in the other corner of the garden. Land needed to make this clear pool is much smaller than if it had to make the following pool waterfall.

Small fountain can you make can be made from stone 50cm in diameter, the hole like a form of mortar. As for the hole in the middle of this rock filled with water. In the middle section is placed a small fountain, which stuck with the water flow quietly. Made to circulate the water from overflowing from the lips of the hole in the stone, and flows into the coral rock beneath.

Water continuously overflowing out of the hole, will make the surface of the outer wall of mossy stone. Most people might think it's dirty. But not a few people who actually like it. In the concept of a tropical garden, the mossy rocks makes the garden look more exotic and more natural. Yet it is, it does not mean fountai not need to be cleaned. You still have to pay more attention to cleanliness, at least once a week you clean. or at least take care that not a fountai nest for mosquitos.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Forms Processing results can beautify Kitchen Geometry

A narrow kitchen space was identical to die style. Kitchen with such measures is still very possible to make it beautiful. The elements can still be processed again in order to appear more stylish.

One way is quite easy to create a stylish kitchenette is by applying modern design style. This design style is often cited as the most effective force applied to the chambers is limited narrow alias.

Some reasons include, prefers the modern style design and simple enough to put forward its function. Despite that, when applying this style, it is not prohibited for someone who wants to apply it to add the elements that are decorative.

Common decorative element applied to the modern style of playing, among others with geometric forms. Example is to create a curved area on one wall of the room. That way, the angle is usually only one room decorated arches bergantikan very dynamic and looks so unique. Very simple and unusual, but it can provide a refresher in a room.

Then, how do this can be applied to your kitchen?

As noted above, very modern indeed identical with something simple, minimalist and use of color and soft light. Therefore, it would be nice to implement something like that. After selecting the design of simple kitchen set and the right, then use the white color. Why white? Because it is able to provide spacious and light effects in a room.

Few plays can also be applied to form there. Just try to play the geometric shapes by maximizing material or existing material. Because by applying modern style, then in the use of decorations will not exaggerated. Simply by using acrylic on the bottom of the counter to give a little light reflection effects. Green color that is used can also provide a soft and cool shades on a white color that is neutral. To balance this, then do not forget to use the glass on the surface of the table. Glass material is selected because it is more scratch resistant than acrylic.

Then mix it all with parquet floors beige in order to warm the atmosphere. Mix combinations of colors and a little pale light can make the room look lighter. That way, the kitchen will no longer feel small and cramped.

Please try and feel the results!


Modern Kitchen More Efficient

Efficiency in all things can be applied also in your home kitchen. Kitchen design that follows the triangle function, also supported the design space with ample storage, and placement of major equipment and additions to the kitchen is good, all that can make your kitchen activities more so efficient.

Modern kitchen design prefers efficiency and effectiveness of activities. To achieve these two things, namely by combining a number of things that are quite important.

To create efficiency in the kitchen is by making the effective storage space. Among other things by placing the storage closet of a place for cooking and washing. Wardrobe is known as "kitchen set". This kitchen set not only includes the area of storage space, but also integrate all the functions of the kitchen as a whole.

Due to the current activity in the kitchen developed not only for cooking, therefore the size and placement of kitchen set must also take into account the size of the very furniture or objects around him. For example, as an example in which placement the breakfast table with a built-in desk in the kitchen. Similarly, the storage zone which is one with the big fridge.

In making a kitchen set design, the first thing to consider is to make a list that contains everything needed for the activity in the kitchen. This serves as a determinant of urbanization and the layout of the parts. In fact, the core of a kitchen set design in the kitchen is a box. The shape of this box to change each year. At first, this crib a regular cabinet placed diberdirikan upright manner. There is also a door and some shelves in it.

Then the cabinet having a cabinet change that is to be nailed to the wall. In this case, the wall into the cabinet structure elements, then some form of the cabinet under the desk equipped with a few drawers and doors. Each cabinet is equipped with a door that is opening the way toward the front. This cabinet must rely on the expertise and skills of a carpenter.

Recently started to develop a cabinet made the system "knock down". With such systems, the cabinet will easily removable if the location of a kitchen to move because the cabinets are installed only by using screws. Cabinet door can also be glass, or can also be a solid board. If made of glass, then users will have easy access to search for the goods because the glass window allows operation of the function.

For storage of goods in the cupboard or shelf, can now be helped by the existence of a device made of stainless steel. By using the wheel and hinge system, this device is very practical to assist organizations in the kitchen storage equipment. Even available tray (sort tray) in a drawer for storing utensils such as spoons, forks, in various sizes and various materials column.


Making Kitchen In Place chatting with the Beautiful Bar Table

The dining room and kitchen can be combined into one. The bar can be converted into dining tables. So you can "girl talk" while cooking.

You are a hobby for girl talk while cooking, you can follow the example of design that has been offered in the unit Gading Nias Residence example, Kelapa Gading - North Jakarta follows. Kitchen units offered in this example is designed to have the bar, so when you're cooking can still chat with your friend who was sitting in the area around the bar.

This concept is actually very easy to apply in your home. If not, all kitchen set design can be equipped with a bar that can beautify the kitchen. Indeed the existence of this counter requires a very precise location, so that the existence and function can be maximum. The concept is usually applied to bar the kitchen with the living forms in the form of "U" or "L", the bar is placed on one side of the kitchen overlooking the living room or dining room. This concept is a solution to combine the kitchen and dining room.

The bar can be functioned as a place to serve and eat food. So you do not have to bother to carry and set up meals on a separate room. In addition to saving the land, can also save time for the presentation.

For those of you who already have a dining room, there is nothing wrong if you want to have a kitchen with bar concept. The bar can also be served as breakfast table (breakfast table) or as an additional table to entertain guests who came to visit your home. To be able to function optimally, do not forget to also complete the bar with a bar stool or bar stool. The design and color can be interesting askesori. Tertarikah you?


The atmosphere of "natural" in the Modern Gazebo.

Yogyakarta 24 okt 2009

Modern gazebo designs but do not forget the natural impression. Wood-based and roof made of straw. Modern gazebo still feels like a "natural".

Enjoying the cool evening breeze, and feel the rush of fresh water ponds, and green colors of plants. Is a beautiful combination for relaxation of our hearts and minds. Moreover Plus stretch my legs sitting in a beautiful gazebo, while enjoying hot tea and favorite book with your family. So Be relaxed atmosphere for free in your own home.

Living in a big city, makes us will often miss the atmosphere "natural village". We can find such a cool atmosphere if only to come to the rural areas. Why not try to bring it to the natural atmosphere of the house? The way is to create a modern gazebo-style village yet.

Gazebo is located on the edge of a modern tropical style garden, gazebo this type can be said fairly modern style. Yet the architect of the garden, bambang from haes Garden, not forgetting to give a natural touch of each design. Always rely on bangkirai wood with roofs made of straw. Gazebo kinds of modern design will still feel nuanced "natural". If you Being in it, you would like to move from big cities to rural areas experiencing.

Gazebo deliberately against the wall, so that more land-use and saving the necessary materials. For the next sweeteners, added a little white netting thin. So that if you sit in it feels more comfortable, complete with a gazebo also cushions various shapes and different sizes. To fill the existing empty walls, placing a kind bambang mat made of bamboo, making it look more natural.

Although small in size, round shaped lamps made with a similar ornament petals able to attract the attention of every person who saw it. The lamp can be hung on the roof of the gazebo. Its function is not only as a light only. Its unique look and colors of soft warm red, will appear more prominently. The existence of the gazebo will simultaneously serve as a beautiful decoration for your home.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Healthy and Beautiful Garden with Own Tiny

Make a water garden by placing a foothold across the pond to a pretty good idea. We could feel the walk on water, the atmosphere will also gained more natural and refreshing.

The presence of plants can be as a supporter in order to refresh the mind, with the sound of rhythmic sound of water, oxygen into the house more smoothly, and the incoming sunlight into the home can be a strong reason for us to build the garden in the house.

But unfortunately limited land in the area of the home caused the home page especially the minimum front yard for a garden menjadikanya. Perhaps most people prefer to change the front yard into a private car parking. In fact, with the garden is very important to be able to maintain the condition of the house to stay beautiful and comfortable.

If you are not likely to change the front page menjadikebun tiny, just move the position of the garden into the home area. For place settings, a garden can be placed near the living room or dining room, if necessary you can give the pond with running water. The sound of water splashing will be able to relax your mind is tired. With the fresh air of the garden will be flowing into the room and add to the coolness of stone room. With it you can more mengirit electrical energy for use of air conditioning and lighting.
In order to create a garden in the house, choose carefully ith the material to be used on floors and walls. You must make sure the material used will be easy to clean. Glazed ceramic can use. This material is very different from regular ceramics, this material has a layer of mixed metal oxides that can make it look shiny, and easy to clean, and more resistant to scratches.

If you want a more natural atmosphere, you can use natural stone. Use of this material is suitable for the concept of natural gardens. With the use of natural stone berrbagai like stone, andesite, to the use of the temple stones can be an option. But do not forget to regularly clean it to avoid moldy. Make sure also that rock you've used stone coated with coating, in order to more durable and the color does not look dull, especially the part that is often exposed to water.


Inspiration Garden The leaf Box.

Betel plants was also lovely to be planted in your garden. Can be used to wrap the walls, as the front cover and limiting the floor, as well as decorating your home page. The beauty of betel leaves the impression that green, vines, and stuck to an alternative plant in your garden.

By trying to plant and care for the patient betel trees as the main crop in the house, maybe the love of betel fruit that would be a beautiful garden. Vines could be the basic idea to get your garden design. This betel trees can be planted every corner of the page.

This garden can be planted on land that seluas18m2. We can make designs with laying techniques to face the ground, walls, and with the media pots. This tree can be put on the right wall bordering the garden. With this system you can easily see and watch.

In creating the side wall planter right of the house, have a function like that as well as the media bookmark betel vine. Bath has a size of 45cm height 65cmx425cm, be made of brick plaster cement leveling compound. Plant betel can be stretched to the ground. To some can spread to the side wall. With this can give the impression of more shade.
You can feel wonderful when you are in the garden. The garden can be based ceramic measuring 35cm x 35cm arranged regularly. At the meeting could be placed between the ceramic coral bronjol to give a more natural impression. You can enjoy the results of your betel plant by sitting on a wooden chair arms, which you can put on betel garden, there will get the impression of green, cool, peaceful.


Ornamental Plant Collection exhibition in The Narrow Land

Show off collections of ornamental plants you have. Because any quarters you'll land you can exploit. Namely by using the method you can get vertikultur solution.

You've heard before about vertikultur garden? By using suitable methods of planting this one, might be able to be one solution to gardening in small fields. For those who live in urban areas, land size must often be a problem, for that you must love this idea.

Vertikultur word comes from the English language, their own vertical means perpendicular and culture is breeding. In a simple sense is vertikultur farming methods that do or rise vertically.

In the world of agriculture today, quite a lot vertikultur mainstream. Because even though farming in small fields, the results obtained can be as much as the cultivation of a wider land. Usually for plants to be cultivated can use cans of paint made bertingkat.Bisa also assisted with the framework of wood or iron can also be made as the shelves.

Let's start now we can apply this way of farming to the house. Although the narrow land, or in the alley beside the house. With a narrow adanyalahan, must grow all the plants directly into the ground, may not be possible we can do. So instead, we can do the planting in the pot. Make a rack out of wood or iron, and then assemble the plant pots on the shelf that have been available.

You can also create a shelf on the wall. The position of the hanging pot is also one vertikulur cultivation. In order to accommodate plants that can be more, hang two pots in a string context.

To create a garden in this way must have a lot of difference rather than making direct on the ground, for the election would be different tanamanya. Vertikultur garden pots many uses of media, so you can choose plants that canopy leaves are not too wide. like tongue-in-law, cactus, maidenhair ferns, ferns, and so on. For your hanging pots can also choose plants whose leaves are hanging, would be more attractive appearance.

If the plants have been so, so do not forget to take care to keep growing beautiful and attractive.


Garden Golf Located At The Side page.

You can now play golf in the side yard. Not only adult who loves this sport, the kids will love it too would sport them.

If you have the rest of the land in your backyard from now on you can become a mini golf garden. Garden can be built on an area of 15 square meters, in addition to the house. Which may at first it's gardens you have no other function in the form of land only grass elephant and a fish pond to one side.

Mini golf theme jbisa be your choice, as you may initially have a hobby of playing golf, so with the mini golf garden you do not have far to go to another golf club. Simply by stepping into the garden side, you can satisfy the hobby with an unlimited time. Used for design is also quite simple, with not too many plants to use.

In this mini golf there are three holes (holes), which in each hole were markers numbers, just like in real golf course. To garden is also made in such a way that looks green with grass and other plants around them. Can also add the rush of water ponds, which become even more beautiful garden.

Although this mini golf not as wide as a real golf course, but it was still nice garden, and used to familiarize a lot of people. Could also be used to entertain guests. Not only the adult guests, the children were very happy to spend time playing. Children can feed the fish, play bike, or just to sit on the grass so the kids do not need often do not play games out of the house.

If you have a garden next to the house, you can as soon as possible to turn it into a mini golf is fun.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Personal Touches Turn Family Room.

If you frequently see examples of existing home designs in magazines and are interested to emulate? But do not be hurried. The force may be offered in the magazine do not necessarily suitable for you and your family.

Have you ever heard the slogan "Fashion knows not of comfort" or selogan "beauty is pain"? I hope it do not let selogan carried into the house. No case like fashion, in the comfort of home interior design is a fixed price that can not be negotiable by anyone.

Mary Gilliat is a famous interior designer who already has a world-class, in his book Mary Gilliat's "Interior Design Course" to explain how important a personal touch in your home.

According to him, before designing the house we have to know the needs and habits of the inhabitants. But not only that, the favorite color also should be noted and taken into account in determining the use of materials and colors that match.

In the book also provided several examples in designing the master bedroom. According to Mary Gilliat, in determining the color scheme, please find the color most favored by the users. When one user was not like it, please avoid these colors. Demikina Why? Therefore, only the color errors can lead to conflicts between families.

You also can complete the room with the facilities attached to the character of the family as a resident nggota. For example, for family members who love the plant can provide small pots in a room in the house. Or, for those that like reading should facilitate home with a mini library.

In essence, identify yourself and your family members more in-depth before determining the style of a room. If you want to be alone Come with trends, but needs to remember not to suffer for the sake look stylish.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

The tactic of making substitution Decorative Glass.

Installation of glass in the house can not be random, consider the space you are going to install the glass. All you have to be considered carefully.

In the application of glass can be done in many rooms in your house, such as living room, kitchen and family room. Between the door, between the walls, or even a window.

Sanagat important for us to better align the design theme with the kind of glass house that will be used. If using a type of decorative glass, not to avoid the application of decorative glass is very expensive, even going to spoil it, because the design away from the overall home design.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Creating Beautiful Back Iron Fence

Iron fences often become dull and unsightly tidah because of the weather and the age factor. Views worn fence, affect the appearance of the house.

The fence is the outermost element of your home. Often fence rain and direct sunlight will be able to make a fence so dull. Views fence that was already worn to reduce the aesthetic appearance of the house.

Most big city fence made of iron. Rapid weather changes can make the paint peeling from the metal fence. because the paint that was not able to protect the metal on the iron fence that will also make a rusty fence. If it so, that means must be done repainting using the color you like, or lain.dalam color painting paint should do it carefully so that it looks beautiful again like before.
Here we tell the right way in the fence repainted a dull:

1. Clean the surface of the metal on the fence of the old paint with sandpaper. This is done so that the flat paint across the surface.
2. Before you do paint, coated with iron railing base paint color. Select the basic paint resistant to alkaline, so that the paint dry quickly.
3. Mix into the paint tinner sparingly, use the appropriate dose. In order to paint a perfect close, do not mix too much in the paint tinner.
4. Begin to paint using an appropriate brush. If you find the lines as paint brushes, should be replace with a new brush. And paint over the striped earlier.
5. When the layer of paint to flow downward, please stop painting. Wait until the paint dry flowing. After that you please re-sanding until the surface of the flat. Then do it again with the right painting.


Making House Door Decoration

Welcoming guests who come to satisfy the very means for residents and visitors. you believe it or not, friendliness homeowners will have an impact on the beauty of the house. Friendly impression not only in self-owner of the house alone, we mean here can be present from the friendly percantikan the front of your house.

You can add one or more creatives dicantelkan on the main door so that it can provide "color" before the guests entered the house. Moreover, this friendly image will be more interesting if there are certain events that you celebrate, such as Lebaran and New Year.

Lebaran is identical to the sense of love and joy. Ecstasy can you bring from the front of the house. Make your driveway look more attractive. many ways you can do, is to visit one particular store property. there you will find ornaments to decorate your home the place according to the front yard of your home.


Thursday, October 8, 2009


Park is an area that contains the components of hard and soft materials are mutually supportive of one other component and planned and created by human ideas in their role primarily as a place of mind refreshment. Park can also be divided into two, namely the natural parks and artificial gardens. Park we often encounter is the garden houses and public parks seta environmental park, children's playground, a family recreation park, botanical garden.

Park fact, comes from the word that means keeping Gard and Eden, which means pleasure, so it can be concluded that the park is a place used for the pleasure of being kept and treated in order to keep functioning. At some time ago, the park is owned only by the wealthy nobility, which not everyone can enter into it.


Types of public bathrooms

In every rural area in any countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and India, there are still many people who find bathing in the open or half-bathroom closed, often with no roof at all. The bathroom is also often made outside the home, with water flowing from nature such as mountains, or water can also be placed in a large crock or a large tub. because not every house has a bathroom, so usually in the villages often found in public bathrooms this type. In circumstances like this, clean up or shower is no longer a private activity, but a communal activity. People sometimes use this opportunity to meet with neighbors and exchanged stories and gossip.

When Ali Sadikin became Governor of Jakarta or Indonesia's capital, he built a public bathroom facilities along the Ciliwung River. This facility was made in a wall that was built in several parts of the river to protect the people who use the river to bathe or wash, defecate, or wash clothes they use.


Designing a good bathroom.

Bathrooms types are directly connected to the bedroom could be called a bathroom en-suite. This type of bathroom is usually used by the user's bedroom or private bathroom. but also Sometimes this type of shower can be used by two bedrooms, so the bathroom was built in between the two bedrooms. Bathrooms like this model usually has two doors that provide access to enter the second bedroom.

you need to consider, bathroom design should take into account the use of water, heat or cold, in amounts large or small. Water is also used to remove waste dumped into sewers or water tank that septik.perhatikan also splattered the walls and the bathroom floor, and the steam that came out caused by hot water, can cause effects on the surface of a cold shower.


The types of bathroom According to the experts.

Generally, the bathroom can be divided into two types, namely "dry" and "wet".

Wet bathroom has a water or shelter usually called (Bak). From a person like this to fetch water using a bucket and then poured into their bodies. The bathroom is a wet type most commonly used in Indonesia and malaysia. This is because the water flow is not always guaranteed and because of the small habits, or some other cause that is in place there is no adequate water flow, so it takes a bathtub for shelter ready dair every need.

Bathrooms dry if used to provide a special place in which to those who bathe. The way was clearly different bath with shower wet, usually using the shower to wet the body (in English is called: "Shower") or by sitting and half lying in a bath tub for the body.

Bath tub is great for occasional showers also added that people do not have to always be in the water. This was done to better conserve water usage expenses.

Dry bathroom are found in Western countries such as the American, caused mainly due to more available water flow


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Make a hotel room.

not difficult to make a hotel room if you have more funds, the first thing you should do if you do not have the idea is to imitate one of the hotels you liked.
but almost every hotel that we encounter has a thick carpet on the floor, the covers are thick and the space has condisioner water.
you try to watch the lighting was made for the rest. suasanya comfortable in the bathroom of a hotel makes it an appropriate place to rest.
You also need a little kereatif in making your bedroom a bit like the hotel, provide a beautiful painting, and a touch of flowers.


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