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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Use Strong Color Accents in bathroom

With the touch of a little courage will make this bathroom could look
dynamic. With the orange light will make a shower can be more excited.
Garapan interior trim is also not spared from the bathroom this one. To impress
obtained is modern and stylish. We'll see the color on the wall who's brave enough.
With four sides of the wall is treated with a very different appearance, but still too
can be integrated in the modern concept.With the preparations of the wall on the basin area usually use mosaic tiles gray

young-and-white. With it all will look good from the floor to touch the ceiling. Usually beada yellow light from behind the mirror would give the impression that more dramatic. For the dim yellow light will make the space to be different. For the bathtub and toilet election which will appear white in contrast to the ceramic floor. Can also contrasts with some of the walls of a dark black andesites resemble natural stone.

Likewise with the washbasin election that could shape resembles a bowl white. The sink itself is also mounted on a black granite table top nero absoluto. With a combination like this it will provide a clear distinction the use of sanitary.

Other details in a contrasting color combinations are white coral stocked along the bathtub. Overdraft created by the floor, so that the stone surface will be the same with the floor. Meanwhile 9mm for a transparent glass barrier between the tub was itself is used for bathing and bath with shower.

Besides there are aluminum windows on the wall that can be opened or closed to lighting and natural penghawaan. Could also be used for opaque glass stickers user's privacy interests.


About Nuance Cheers for Little

With a bright bathroom. That's the impression we get when once we go into the bathroom this child. The sunlight coming through glassblock (size 25cm x 25cm) mounted on one wall. As for the wall which is dominated by white ceramic also supports an atmosphere of light.

The three facilities can be available at this kid bathroom: shower and bathtub, or sink, and toilet seat. Bath itself has a small size to accommodate the children's favorite bath water as well as you play. Little could also freely bath, can also by using the shower hose. So that water does not wet the area of the basin itself, there could also 110cm tall wall insulation from the floor.

Using cartoon motifs adorn much of the room. Ceramics with a motif of Winnie the Pooh will appear on the walls of the tub area. Apart from that, the cartoon motif can also appear in the border wall that separates the bottom and top. For this option to make the bathroom appear cheerful and fun for the kids.

While on the plint, or a wall at the bottom, also fitted with a yellow ceramic 35cm height. for color and texture similar to the ceramic on the floor. That can distinguish, namely for the floor tiles installed diagonally.

You may also notice the sink counter with a gentle curve of the line. For the table, which got Duko finishing it, the top could use a green colored glass. While the foot of the table itself can use the stainless steel. For 9cm legs so high in the kolongnya be easy to clean.

No less interesting is the mirror for the election. Despite having a different character with a cartoon on the wall, but the designs can also be reminded of a cartoon rat cunning.


How to Organizing Bathroom Layout

To build a bathroom must be observant. Plan it is necessary to be terancang everything.

For the family room and bedroom can also be equipped with furniture that stands alone, so that will allow you to change the layout of the room. This sort of thing will be very difficult, or even not possible happen in the bathroom. You should also seek everything right from the start. That will always be able and easy to do is to add a new accessory if you want to update the display.

To make a comfortable bathroom needs you want, then you also need to do some basic things usually done by professionals. The first step is to describe the spatial layout plan. For this you can use the help of graph paper. Determine the scale too. For example the scale of 2cm to represent the size of 1m.

While on the graph paper, draw a plan of space you want. Mark all the features remain, such as doors or windows, and niches. After all, specify the location also bathroom furniture. Try to put the furniture you want to include the positions of different looks to get the effect you like.

Sanitary and bathroom furniture can be arranged so that the layout obtained by the maximum you. For segmenting based furniture in the bathroom area. Barupa furniture bath or shower can be united in one area. Toilet was endiri on one particular area, while for the sink and storage area on one other area.

For placement of the tub itself, do you always think to put it on areas like the longest wall. The visible area of the wall may be shorter according as the bath area. for another good position for the tub (bath tub) is on the wall that could have a window, or the area under the sloping ceiling.

If in the bathroom there is a niche, then maximize its use. For the toilet or sink can be positioned in the niche. To Space above can also be fitted with a towel rack or other bathroom equipment.

Although the bathroom is also relatively more exposed to water so will tend to damp, the bathroom can be placed one or two of furniture. For that also can choose furniture with a sleek shape, which can accommodate both sanitary utensils and other equipment. While the towering units from floor to ceiling, which can include two panels open shelves, will provide solutions that sweet and stylish. For more options, then make a cabinet to contain personal belongings. Require the cabinet to the sink that can be used to facilitate toilet goods.


Storage Area Determination in Bathroom

Although the bathroom is known as a wet room, the bathroom is also necessary to place the storage area. Actually, this area will be mainly used to store items associated with bathing purposes.

Many solutions or container storage areas are available on the market. But the choice for the bathroom, we also need to consider several things. Ie for example about the design and location. Required a careful effort to storage area or container is not necessarily making a bathroom look cluttered.

While in the bathroom, storage containers can be used to store a variety of toiletries and cosmetics, or towels, and cleaning products, P3K equipment sseperti, or to use toys as a child a bath. Such equipment can be stored in the container, whether it is a cabinet or shelf.

For the cabinet in the bathroom did not like to walk in wardrobe closet or cupboard that is in the bedroom. In general, these cabinets in the bathroom, will be relatively small, because it can also function to store small items. Useful also to avoid splashing water, while for the cabinet is usually sealed to the wall. The location must also be farther from the shower spray. Even if the cabinet wants to draw closer to the wet area, then you should use a cupboard that are resistant to water.

Would be more appropriate cabinets placed in a bathroom that is usually relatively large size. Minimum of this bathroom can have a wet and dry areas are separate. For bathrooms that have no area large enough, can we use smaller furniture. That could be a rack attached to the wall, or even a small closet that stored in the area between the bathroom equipment. For example also for the wall cabinet above the sink, are also part of the shelf on the wall above the bathtub.

Shelves would be more appropriate

Open shelf position was absolutely correct to be installed in areas of "dead". That is such a narrow field on the wall behind the door. With a rack like that by itself could be used to store various toiletry items, which can also be grouped by type. With it you too can make a shelf like a book shelf near the tub. Shelf that can also serve as storage space, can also serve as a "curtain" to cover the toilet area.

The shelves are very right there is also to save the colorful towels laid out overlapping. You also can also display a group of perfume in the colorful varieties of bottle shapes. Or by placing a row of round wicker baskets for storing bathroom supplies and cleaning materials.

Contrary to the solid wood shelves, glass or metal racks that have surfaces that bounce and make the room will feel more relieved. However, these glass shelves, too easy, too dirty and needs to be cleaned regularly. In addition, the shelf on the wall, there is also a big rack that can stand alone, which most often made of metal.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Attempt to Avoid Sengolan-bump with Bathroom furniture.

Nudge here and there when walking, would feel uncomfortable. This is the result of our lack of attention to the circulation path.

Maybe if the nudge-nudge nudge in the market may asik-asik aja. But maybe not so cool if bumper-senggolannya in the bathroom. Which disenggol may not be angry. However, the nyenggol possibly even stifling.

How could I not like that, if located in the bathroom, which would surely we tersenggol if not the bathroom walls, sink, too, could be the shower, or closet, or storage area shower equipment. Besides the one hand can be unhealthy, on the other side must kerasa dirty too. Untu Well, that all this will not happen, we naturally begin to create a bathroom that feels comfortable to use.

In making the plan a bathroom, one of the most important thing is the zoning issue. Zoning is the division of areas in the bathroom. The average in the bathroom can be divided into two, namely dry and wet areas. The two areas that you can Sorted again. In wet areas can be placed shower, or tub, and toilet. In the dry areas can be placed sink and storage cabinets.

For zoning related to circulation problems bathroom user. Although the bathroom area is relatively narrow, it is not possible anymore, or even should have also made the circulation path for its users.

"In order to track traffic circulation for people in the room, is included important points, you need to make note when arranging the bathroom. So any such a narrow space, will remain comfortable to go through," said Niken Dwiyanti expert architect.

According Niken exposure, every piece of furniture Sanitair must have an ideal area for its placement. Like the shower area, which ideally occupies a minimum size 95cm x 95cm. Requires toilet area measuring 85cm x 65cm. As for the sink area requires measuring 65cm x 55cm. That these figures need to be considered, as will plan the layout of the bathroom. Do not be interrupt the circulation path.

How the hell is the recommended distance for the circulation path? There are several opinions about this one. There are some opinions that say architects, the most important point of this circulation can be to go through two people side by side. There is also usually set the distance of 85cm. According Niken own, for good circulation path, at least a 65cm distance, not the least less. With adequate circulation path, a small bathroom can feel comfortable. So no longer need to nudge other appliances running at the time passing.


Bathroom slip on? I think No More!

With slippery floor in the bathroom often takes a lot of casualties. Maybe you belong to one person who had slipped in the bathroom. How ya do our bathroom so safe?

If until the "accident" like slipping in the bathroom, often occur in your home, from now on you have to check the bathroom floor. Perhaps the floor is too slippery conditions due to either select the material.

Many people are often stuck with a wish to look more attractive when selecting ceramic floor, but usually ignore safety factor.

"The first thing that must be considered when choosing bathroom tile is a type of surface. Ceramic wall and floor which has a different surface," said architect Niken Dwiyanti.

Ceramic wall is not the same type with ceramic floors. Ceramic wall usually has a more smooth surface and shiny. As for ceramic floor itself is very advisable to choose who has a rough surface. With a rough surface will be able to make ceramic fixed abrasive, although exposed to a lot of water. So for that we will not be easy to slip.

If it happens to the bathroom in your house including the bathroom to dry, you can also use the carpet. One type of material is better able to absorb water, so that the feet are always dry. But it requires an extra good care anyway, do not forget to clean the carpet surface with a vacuum cleaner periodically. Even if you do not want to close the entire surface of the floor with carpet is also not a problem. However, you still have to provide mats, to dry the feet. Place the mat on areas more frequently wet, such as the shower area, sink area and toilet area.

If you have noticed a few things earlier, slipped in the bathroom, you can prevent!


Enough with Bathroom Ventilation bus becomes Cool and Healthy.

With the bathroom dark, airless, and humid? If less ventilation, the bathroom like this certainly will not be comfortable and certainly not healthy.

You do not ever feel lazy in the bathroom? Whether because the atmosphere was hot and stuffy, or dark or smells delicious because it was damp. If it happens this way, it means you still have to consider a bathroom ventilation. Maybe it is less or even none at all.

If it's still possible, we make deh windows or skylights. No matter how well regardless of the size of the bathroom, ventilation can be absolutely necessary. This ventilation has many uses for your bathroom. Through this ventilation air will flow in and out, so the bathroom can always get fresh air. So with that bathroom will not feel hot and stuffy again.

Not only that actually windows or skylights are also useful to include a lot of sun rays. Thus at least the bathroom is always bright in the daytime. The sun is actually the bathroom to keep warm and will not be damp, so there will be no more bad smell.

There are other other purposes. Just as in the other room in general, kebedaraan one or more windows can support the room was more spacious than the previous room. The same with bathroom. with skylights can make the room seem higher because the top open. Window position on the wall makes the room feel wide horizontally.

So how apabil already made bathroom without ventilation, or lack of ventilation? If it's still possible to create a window wall facing directly to the outside space. If you no longer possible to be made skylights. If not possible, too, you can install exhaust fan to suck the stale air bathroom.

Remember, too, unhealthy bathroom can affect the health of the entire house!


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Motif Bathroom Can Make to Show beauty.

Do not let your bathroom a cold and monotonous impression. Let impressed festive,

with decorative motifs.

Try to look in our bathroom each, any color can be applied in

there. As in general we can apply the colors plain. Try to

Just imagine if the bathroom is dominated only one color only, with plain also without

motif, with the impression like that let alone his name if not monotonous.

Well so it did not happen so, then we make our bathrooms more cheerful.

Which is one way to play motifs and colors. Now for the play of color and

This motive, can not be arbitrary also mengkreasikannya. According to the architect Niken

Dwiyanti, S. Ars, the bathroom was relatively small size, so that the bathroom was not

looks too crowded, not too much deperhatikan using motifs.

Make it not too busy, do not have to bother replacing ceramic, or with

repainted. Simply by applying colors and motifs in the knick-knacks such as

shower curtain, such as rugs, and upholstery fabrics for the toilet.

To be added circular motif of bright colors that make the bathroom, which was originally

predominantly white, and yellow can be more "alive". Easy right? To

change the atmosphere of the bathroom in this way can also be relatively cheaper. Let's Try



Friday, November 6, 2009

Smart Design for the Modern Kitchen.

The main focus in designing a good kitchen is about the functionality and efficiency. Intelligent design would be a solution in the convenience of kitchen users in the move to prepare and process food.

Kitchen layout in the photo has a very unique space and attractive, which lies directly connected to the kitchen dining room and family room. The relationship between this space can be optimized by designing a kitchen set double line. One L-shaped cabinet against the wall of the kitchen and other cabinet placed between the kitchen and dining room. Function is a connector between the two areas. Between them given the distance of about 2.2 m, resulting in circulation while working will be smooth.

L-shaped cabinet that has a length of 6.3 m. A sink with two sinks, equipped also with pengeringnya which occupies one side of the work top. Election sinks with large enough size adapted to the activities of homeowners will love cooking.

Similarly, four-burner stove plant which is located on the other side of the work top. This will allow the stove cooking activities more at the same time. Other home appliances, which is like an oven, microwave and refrigerator with the door side by side embedded in the cabinet. So the kitchen will be more orderly.

The other Cabinet has a smaller size than the previous. The length of his cabinet which is about 2.4 m. This cabinet is very multifunctional. At the top of the cabinet will function as a serving table and a breakfast table, while at the bottom serves as a storage. Cabinet so that the color red looks more sleek and impressive luxury, then used high gloss finish on the cabinet panel. Table top it with a solid surface material is black. While for the handle and frame cabinet doors with aluminum material. The combination of the three colors that will be very harmonious, luxurious impression, and at the same time a modern look. Geometric lines and a very simple detail on this cabinet will also be emphasized in the modern style kitchen set.


Preventing Diseases In Danger Kitchen Germs

Did you know that your kitchen is often used as a space for the food processing turns out to be a source of germs. Then, how is the solution?

Actually, to overcome this problem you do not need to be confused. Proverb says, "there are many roads to lead to Rome." Similarly, in the kitchen hygiene. There are many ways to keep the kitchen free from harmful germs.

The main steps that must be done is clear, namely to always maintain and clean the kitchen every time. This does not mean just caring for and cleaning the room, but also includes the kitchen furniture.

Damp in the kitchen area used for germ breeding ground. Example is the drainage hole in the sink.

Sync with the latest designs are usually equipped with a filter that serves to filter out dirt or rubbish in order not to enter into the drainpipe. With so then there are a lot of dirt that settles there in this filter. This is where millions of disease germs to breed. Therefore, to reduce the spread of germs that could endanger the health, always clean the remaining dirt found on the sink and keep the condition of the drain is always clean and dry. Even if necessary, rinse sinks using disinfectant germs after washing process was completed.

Another way to keep your kitchen from the danger of germs is to design a kitchen space more thoroughly. Use materials that have the lowest porosity level. Like the kitchen table covered with HPL materials or acrylic materials. Both materials are made from synthetic materials and have low porosity which is suitable in the kitchen area.

In the design problem, create a design that does not have minimal angles antarmaterial meeting. Usually there are the angles meeting at antarmaterial planting area around the stove, then on the corner of the kitchen table with a wall, and also in the area around the edge of the sink. In areas like this it would be nice to be slightly curved so it will be easy to minimize the number of nests and dung are also relatively easy to clean.


Kitchen Orange For Dealers

The kitchen was applied with an orange color and will appear fresher, brighter and attractive. The atmosphere is fresh like a lemon sunkis.

Want to make wife more passionate and spirit of the cooking in the kitchen? Try to paint your kitchen with the color orange. With the use of warm colors such as orange, will make the room a more fresh and also will provide energy for the activities in it.

This kitchen has two tables across from. In one of the tables covered in mosaics. Stay in the same colors, ie orange.

At the end of the kitchen, placed a glass window. So you can immediately see the situation from the garden this window. With the existence of a window view of this park will further strengthen the refreshing impression on your home kitchen.

In order for the kitchen is not "dead" limited only by the color orange, on the ceiling and some walls do not tinged with orange. The use of white color on the ceiling and some walls will be a neutralizing atmosphere.

On the kitchen floor using a combination of marble and coral brush. Coral brushes neatly arranged and framed with marble grout. The use of coral is intended to brush the floor is not slippery, so that the activity in the kitchen will be a safe and comfortable.


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