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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Motif Bathroom Can Make to Show beauty.

Do not let your bathroom a cold and monotonous impression. Let impressed festive,

with decorative motifs.

Try to look in our bathroom each, any color can be applied in

there. As in general we can apply the colors plain. Try to

Just imagine if the bathroom is dominated only one color only, with plain also without

motif, with the impression like that let alone his name if not monotonous.

Well so it did not happen so, then we make our bathrooms more cheerful.

Which is one way to play motifs and colors. Now for the play of color and

This motive, can not be arbitrary also mengkreasikannya. According to the architect Niken

Dwiyanti, S. Ars, the bathroom was relatively small size, so that the bathroom was not

looks too crowded, not too much deperhatikan using motifs.

Make it not too busy, do not have to bother replacing ceramic, or with

repainted. Simply by applying colors and motifs in the knick-knacks such as

shower curtain, such as rugs, and upholstery fabrics for the toilet.

To be added circular motif of bright colors that make the bathroom, which was originally

predominantly white, and yellow can be more "alive". Easy right? To

change the atmosphere of the bathroom in this way can also be relatively cheaper. Let's Try



Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Design of the Wedding ceremony a good

every country in the world, have each model in designing a space in the ceremony. should in designing a wedding ceremony, which make possible the ceremony, the region also see the background of the tribe who live there around the place. dish of food to serve guests in accordance with local, so the guests feel valued and respected as a guest. places serving food made to fit each array of guests who attended the ceremony can all enjoy the dish of food provided.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Organizing Tips Living Room and Family Room are simple so Visible Luxury Houses.

Provide a color from the living room to give our favorite colors like red for example to look gembira.juga placed beautiful cabinets carved to be more visible over the partition to put private collections. With a minimalist house design but with a modern light alloys as well as a collection of more elegant calligraphy that looked interesting.
With your own design room is more you can customize to your desire for more attractive living room, so if there are guests who visit will feel comfortable with your own design.
Actually for the design of your room can make a room with living room, but you need to put insulation between the living room with living room . By placing the cabinet carved with goods placed your collection, was able to separate the living room with living room
Next to the living room. With the sofa-like color to the color of the walls in the living room so they can coordinate with the color of the walls in the living room. In this family room area was intentional to be used for relaxing family area. Like watching television or just chatting with the family. With collections placed photos from childhood to adulthood, could be more interesting terliat in this family room


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Friendly Use Gazebo for Welcoming Guests in Luxury Houses

With your luxury home page that is wide enough, it would not hurt if you put the gazebo that can take guests to look more can mingle with the guests that will be able to increasingly feel more intimate.

Gazebo models are front yard can become a unique view that would be more interesting guest or anyone who will visit. By creating the concept and design that attracts your liking, for the selection of wood materials to be used coupled solid and strong enough. To use this wood can be ordered directly from Kalimantan or you can search the timber stores around you. As for the use of the connection at the gazebo antartiang can use pantek system. While for some existing angle can be enhanced also by brackets.

If you binngung to use the roof to make it more attractive look, you can use dried weeds, even your home, including luxury homes does not mean that by the use of these weeds will reduce the impression of luxury homes. Even the fact that the house will look more colorful and interesting with a mix of rural lol. Meanwhile, for the knot you can use a rope made from bamboo. While on the roof edge can be shaped or pursed like it so it can be installed wuwungan shaped crown. For these ornaments can be made of clay to be more integrated with the concept of rural areas.

To use the word gazebo made with the concept to be more friendly to the guests so we can add the pond water can we place on the side of the gazebo. With the addition of the fountain that you can put on the side of the gazebo, you can also add an accent of a small fish pond with water gemiricik voice will make our minds more relaxed when we were sitting in the gaebo. Additional Utuk, you can carve awa braced chairs that looked pretty solid match the gazebo.

Meanwhile, to the sides of the gazebo that you can use a natural stone texture black with more rural areas that can be adjusted with the concept of the gazebo.

While looking for more attractive gazebo you can add plants that will grow big so they can make more cool gazebo. Or you can plant your favorite and family.


Monday, December 7, 2009

Every House Needs Different Lighting

Do not just trace the origin! Lighting in a room requires some careful planning. The lighting requirements in each house could be different.

At the time saw the interior design pictures in magazines or the internet, often comes a desire to apply these designs at home. Not only in terms of spatial, but also in the arrangement of light or lighting is commonly called. In fact, every home or even every room has different lighting needs with one another.

In the book "Interior Designing", published by Japan's Sekisui House, has stated that the lighting needs in a home or room influenced by different styles and habits of spatial residents.

The room in which to perform only one activity, no need to use a lot of light in it. With one lamp, which was placed in the ceiling is enough to illuminate the room. Unlike the case with the room again used to do many activities in it. In these rooms, you must provide more light for the lighting of each activity undertaken.

An example is the family room, some people use the family room is not just a family gathering areas only. Reading, or watching television, not even a rare double family room functions as a living room. From these activities, required lighting different. For example for the reading, then you need to add a reading light in the room.

To find out what activities are usually conducted in a room, it depends on the habit that is conducted every family. Between home and the other one must be different. Therefore, do not ever, ever to trace raw images in magazines or the internet because it does not necessarily suit your needs. Of course you do not want the house look beautiful but not comfortable. Therefore, adjust the arrangement with our needs and the family


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